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Funny dog pictures with captions

Funny dog pictures with captions.

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What Cats Teach Us Desk Calendar by Willow Creek Press by

What Cats Teach Us Desk Calendar: What Cats Teach Us Desk CalendarCats have much to teach us about what is important to cherish, defend, avoid and enjoy in our lives. Each of the 310 full-color feline photographs in this daily calendar includes a simple, uplifting, daily lesson to live by. Each page includes adequate space to jot memos, appointments and reminders. Desk Calendar 365 Day Calendar 6.19" X 5.25" Adhesive Binding Easy Tear Off Pages Includes Major Holidays Rave Reviews!"This is the 2nd year I've bought the What Cats Teach Us desk calendar. Not only are the pictures really cute, but I enjoy the quotations/captions that go with them." - ceecee54About Willow Creek PressWillow Creek Press is an award-winning U.S. publisher with a special focus on the myriad joys of dog and cat ownership. An ever expanding line of light-hearted, high-quality books and calendars has established their leadership role in this popular category.


What Pets Teach Us - Hardcover Picture Book by

The life lessons presented in this charming picture book have been espoused by grown-ups for generations, but we suspect the youngsters you know will be much more receptive to hearing them from these wild and woolly teachers! Simple pearls of wisdom are paired with adorable photos of animals practicing what they preach: a white-and-brown pup sprawls atop a pile of doggy treats with the caption, "A few treats are okay. but too many can make your belly hurt"; a damp kitten dangling from the edge of a fish tank shows why it's important to "ask for help if you get into trouble"; a dog and a parrot hanging out together explain that "Some friends don't look anything like you. but they can still be friends just the same." If only all life lessons could be this cute! For ages 2 and up.



Cats Are Superior Meme Postcard

...and don't you forget it.

Cat Thoughts #2 Mouse Pad

What are those little furballs thinking in their little heads? I don't know but if might be fun to guess.


This Week on GMT (July 13-17) - - WFAA

Monday, July 13th - It's one awkward interview. You don't want to miss The Ticket's Gordon Keith's awkward interview with the stars of the new film, "Trainwreck," Amy Schumer and Bill Hader. Then GMT is live with the highly anticipated released of "Go Set a Watchman" from Harper Lee. It's Moo Monday as the cows of Chick-fil-A drop by in style. Find out how you can show your spots and eat for free at Chick-fil-A. Oil & Cotton shows us how to make natural fabric dyes using avocado pits, hibiscus flowers and black beans for gorgeous scarves and canvas banners. Plus home staging. ways to make your home more attractive for sale…. Monday at 9am. Tuesday, July 14th – Shark Tank investor Daymond John is in Dallas looking for new business ventures that could leave one entrepreneur $20,000 richer. Plano is one of only two cities in Texas recently awarded a four STAR community rating for national excellence in sustainability. Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere joins us to talk about that… plus Toyota's booming developments from a new concert area to more shops and restaurants and a revitalized downtown Plano. Plus packing secrets from an expert. How to choose outfits and key pieces to pack so that you have the minimal amount of clothing and luggage for a Beach trip, special weekend trip or trip to a large city. Then Tech Tuesday visits a Digital Bookmobile… Tuesday at 9am. Wednesday, July 15th – GMT goes to the movies at the historic Granbury drive-in… from cool cars to classic movie bites and the big picture. Then it's the fine art of making beautiful silver jewelry. We're cranking up the torch and showing you how different pieces are designed. GMT visits Las Vegas and the luxurious Venetian Hotel. Transport yourself to a state of the art resort with luxury, fine dining, and Italian shops. Our relationship expert Sheron Patterson has advice for couples in the midst of divorce as we talk about how to handle everything that affects a family. Plus cute cake creations that look like hamburgers, lips. Wednesday at 9am. Thursday, July 16th – Find out the mystery behind the new film "Paper Towns" with actors Nat Wolff, Cara Delevingne, Halston Sage and author John Green. Texas native and Top Chef finalist Tiffany Derry is cooking up the perfect pork chop, and it's another awkward interview with The Ticket's Gordon Keith and the stars of the film, "Trainwreck," including Vanessa Bayer of Saturday Night Live fame. Plus what to do if your car overheats. Plus we take you to New Braunfels, the Hill Country's Coast for some tubing and water fun. Thursday at 9am. Friday, July 17th – Actor and comedian Bill Bellamy rocks the GMT house as a co-host. TV's famous bounty hunting couple, Dog and Beth have been on the hunt in Texas. We talk to them live about their new show, "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. " Want to learn a new hobby this summer. We're live from Hobbytown USA with everything from painting to model cars and sewing crafts. Carrie McClure takes on a daring news hobby. It's like a water jetpack as she flew high up through the air and water. Stonebriar Centre joins us with everything you need to fit in your beach bag for summer fun. They're showing us how to personalize your pool towel, to aqua zingers and boogie boards. We're also showing you how to whip up some tasty summer snacks that are super healthy. Source:

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Cute dog pictures with captions 07/09/15, @mehakiqbal1


  • Dog Treats I

    beef bouillon granules, cheddar cheese, cornmeal, eggs, margarine, milk, rolled oat, water, flour, sugar


  • Creep Bus

    Speedy Publishing LLC. 2014. ISBN: 9781634284417,1634284410. 44 pages.

    Ride the Creepbus and enjoy five horrific stories and then hope your soul is pure enough for the driver to let you off the Creepbus before it reaches its final destination. The Promise-- When 2 robbers try and rob a bank manager he takes them to a haunted house claiming he has millions hidden there. Our robbers get much more than they bargained for. Devil's Little Acre-- When Hugh Blakely inherits a cabin from his late uncle, the lawyer informs him it's haunted at night because the former owner was murdered and the murderer was never brough to justice. Hugh, not believing it, takes his fiancee there anyway. They discover things they wouldn't believe possible. Do they escape the curse? Read on.... Free As A Bird-- Al Janis cons a rich woman into marrying him. But then she makes him sign...

  • Frankenstein The Magnificent

    Speedy Publishing LLC. 2014. ISBN: 9781634281430,1634281438. 38 pages.

    The evil Doctor Cranke has taken Doctor Frankenstein's notes and replicated the monster, or so he thinks. He sets hs monster loose on the town that he thinks has wronged him and sits back to wait for the terrible results. Did it go as planned? You shall see: Read these five stories of the new Frankenstein: Frankenstein The Magnificent and see for yourself. The 5 Stories are: Frankenstein The Magnificent Vampire Town Frankenstein In Love Frankenstein Meets THE SCULPTOR Frankenstein And The Android

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Battle of the Pugs
Battle of the Pugs
Photo by DaPuglet on Flickr
Dog rolling around in the grass
Dog rolling around in the grass
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Photo by Conny Sandland on Flickr
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Bulldog - Perfect Dog For Me?
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funny dog pictures with captions
funny dog pictures with captions
Image by
... pictures with funny dog pics with captions caption funny cute picture
... pictures with funny dog pics with captions caption funny cute picture
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