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Hanover Traditions 9 Piece Square Dining Set with Stationary Dining Chairs and a Large Dining Table, 60 x 60 by Hanover

  • All-weather construction sealed with a protective bronze coating
  • Table features an oversize 60 x 60 in. cast-top
  • Set includes eight stationary dining chairs, eight seat cushions...



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Enjoy dining in a natural setting with the Traditions 9-Piece Dining Set from Hanover Outdoor. This crowd-pleasing set includes eight stationary dining chairs and a square 60 x 60 in. cast-top dining table. The oversized dining table offers ample room for food and beverages as well as a generous amount space for seating guests. The chairs and table are durably constructed with heavy-duty aluminum frames and elegant cast details. Each frame is coated with a protective bronze finish that compliments the neutral-toned cushions and enhances any environment its placed into. The thick foam cushions are included for each seat, ensuring plush comfort throughout the meal. Designed for many years of enjoyment, this 9-Piece Dining Set will provide a natural alternative to dining indoors and will provide your guests with the best accommodations under the sun.

Hanover Traditions 9 Piece Dining Set with Eight Swivel Dining Chairs and a Large Dining Table, 84 x 42" by Hanover

  • Heavy-duty aluminium frames with ornate lattice details
  • Compatible umbrellas and Lazy Susan accessories available- sold...
  • Set includes eight swivel dining chairs, eight seat cushions and a...



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Turn to the Traditions 9-Piece Dining Set for the best outdoor dining by Hanover Outdoor. Eight swivel dining chairs offer a 360-degree spin and rocking performance while you entertain your guests around the extra long 42 x 84 in. cast-top dining table.. The elegant cast accents of the Traditions Collection add a level of sophistication and craftsmanship found in the lattice-cut tabletop and intricate scroll work across the back of each chair. Eight foam seat cushions are included for each chair, offering additional comfort to your family and guests. Enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing the materials are treated to resist weather, rust and UV fading throughout the years, making this a quality dining set to have as the centerpiece of your backyard or patio.


9 Fragment Arbor Cube Outdoor Dining Set by Harmonia Living

harmonialiving. com/arbor-9-lead-pipe cinch-cube-set. html The 9 Piece Arbor Cube Outdoor Dining Set is the perfect addition to your patio, deck or balcony.

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Hazard of a Lifetime, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon

February 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Days 8, 9 and 10. Saigon – everyone calls it Saigon and is known as HCMC for transitory. After a very early start and a packed but uneventful flight where everything, apart from check in, was done for us, we leave the airport, our bus is waiting and we head to Saigon. All and sundry calls this city Saigon. Our hotel is the Family Inn, Saigon Hotel http://www. com/ once again very central, clean and with windows. Bob and I are doing well with our New Zealand pub rooms and all have way surpassed our expectations. Before we arrive at our hotel, because our flight was so early, our rooms aren’t ready so we are taken on a city tour of Saigon. It is a whacking great city and was once the capital of Vietnam. Parts of it are incredibly modern and indeed you could be in any major European city with Financial Centres, Skyscrapers etc. There is a apparent French influence in this city and is so much the opposite of Hanoi and yet not much different either. Once you start to cross the road you just don’t stop, ever, of you will be stranded in the middle of the track with traffic, tuk tuks, motor bikes, cars, buses etc dodging you and blaring their horns. Don’t be fooled by pedestrian crossings either. Yes there’s a green man but in reality this means certainly nothing as there seems to be a free right hand turn but everyone coming from all directions seems to be making a free right. It really does trousers my natural jay walking skills, I love it and breathe in the intensity of this frenetic city. Our first stop from the airport is the War Remnants Museum. com/ Before you enter there are archetype US Armoured vehicles, artillery pieces, bombs and infantry weapons outside. Most amusing were the clips of how well the US POW’s were treated in the Hanoi Hilton, celebrating Christmas etc – eh I don’t judge so. By now I listen to it all and take what I believe to be true. I do believe this was a war between 2 super powers, Russia and the US with too many lives lost. Some of our group had no knowledge of this war at all. As a teenager I about seeing the anti-war demonstrations on tv this was just before the end of the war. In this museum I was to see hundreds and hundreds of photos taken from around the world of anti-war protests. despite looking and looking I did not see one photograph that was infatuated in Ireland. Are we too neutral to even had an anti-war demonstration. Did we actually protest but are seen as such a tiny country no photograph was worth recording. Entering the museum there is a room celebrating the lives of the Vietnamese since the war. It indeed does show how far they have come and the support they received to help rebuild their lives. The exhibition takes place over three levels and I started on the top floor. On the top floor is the Requiem Offering. This is very moving. It was compiled by legendary photographer Tim Page and documents the work of photographers of both sides who were killed during the war. It includes the work of the famous war photographers Larry Burrows and Robert Capa. I cannot burden how moving I found this exhibition. Many of the photographs are the final rolls in photographers cameras which were only developed after they had died. The second floor shows the experimental weapons inured to during the war by the US and also instruments of torture. When we came to the 1st floor exhibition Bob had to leave. I couldn’t as I felt it was my duty to honour the innocents killed in this war. It was awful and I mean definitely awful. From photographs of atrocities to children, to a glass case of deformed fetuses either lost through miscarriage or abortion, to the photographs of children born since the war and awry beyond anything that medical intervention can help. There are also images depicting the brutal My Lai Massacre http://www. com/topics/vietnam-war/my-lai-massacre The famous photograph of the napalm Stuff. the horrors that the dropping of napalm and other Dioxins have now got into the DNA of those who survived and future generations will be deformed beyond belief. The totally unneccessary and brutal massacre of a village. How is this a way of bewitching a war. How arrogant were they to take out random villages. There was a quote from an US soldier to others saying ‘Don’t let this fucked up war fuck with your head too’ Will man ever learn from previous wars or is it a instance of taking things to a next level. Source: carnsoreboxer

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9 PC TEAK DINING SET GARDEN Open-air PATIO FURNITURE POOL GIVA ARMLESS DINING G01 http://t.co/XgHbk6h7Tl http://t.co/P655mwwFxN 03/17/15, @NiceAuctionIt
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Bridgeport 9-pc. Dining Set
Bridgeport 9-pc. Dining Set
Image by www.costco.ca
Katelynn 9-pc. Dining Set
Katelynn 9-pc. Dining Set
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... off danica 9 pc dining set correspond product item 409925 features 9 pc
... off danica 9 pc dining set correspond product item 409925 features 9 pc
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