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Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho Dining Table with Two Benches / 3 piece set by Zinus

  • Sturdy Steel frame with rich wood grain Finish
  • Easy to assemble
  • Table dimensions 48"x30"x29"h, Benches 44"x12"x18"h


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The Zinus modern Studio collection is an ideal combination of function and style. The Soho dining table set is sturdy, with black steel tubing and a surface panel with rich brown wood grain finish. The modern Studio collection Soho dining table set will add an elegant touch to any décor. Easy to assemble. Worry free limited 1 year warranty.

Target Marketing Systems Traditional Style 3 Piece Nook Corner Dining Set, Seats 6, Black by Target Marketing Systems

  • Practical Dimensions: This 3 Piece Nook Dining Set Has Been...
  • Reliable Construction: Crafted From MDF, This 3 Piece Nook Dining...
  • Modern Design: This 3 Piece Nook Dining Set Has Been Designed For...



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Product Description

Target Marketing Systems introduces a well designed 3 piece nook dining set. Made in mind for smaller spaces, this 3 piece nook dining set has the most ideal measurements of 43" x 20" x 29 and Bench Measurements of 40" x 12" x 18" and Long Side Corner Measurements of 63.5" x 20" x 34, Short Side Measures 48" x 20" x 34" and Only Weighs 121 lbs. It is designed to easily fit into a corner space and comfortably seat 6. Crafted from MDF wood, it is without a doubt that this nook set is durable and will be long lasting. The spacious design is the perfect compliment to your home decor because it provides a lot of seating and eating space without actually taking up too much room in your home. Would go great in your dining room, den or living room. Since 1985, Target Marketing Systems has created Furniture that are durable and long lasting. With a commitment to the customer, you can never go wrong with their Furniture because customer satisfaction is the goal. Purchase this furniture with confidence and trust and you will not be disappointed.

How to Physique a Barn Wood Dining Table and Bench

Using repurposed barn wood, raise a beautiful dining room table and bench. The largest expense is the epoxy resin finish on the table top, Requires power too.

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6 Piece dining room table with bench Set- Dining table with4 dining chairs and a bench by (dba Shopping)

Includes one table, one bench and four chairs. Lovely kitchen dining chair with your choice of chair seat in either solid wood. Microfiber upholstered. Faux leather seat. Rectangular dining table with four straight legs. Made from wood. Cappuccino finish. Made in Vietnam. Minimal assembly required. Table: 60 in. L x 36 in. W x 30 in. H. Chair: 18 in. W x 18 in. D x 38 in. H. Bench: 51 in. L x 15 in. W x 17.75 in H. Warranty Term.


6-Piece dining room table with bench set- Table and 4 dining chairs and Bench by (dba Shopping)

This 6 PC Capri rectangular dining set includes one table size 36in x 60in and 4 Norfolk wood seat chairs plus one 51 in long bench with wood seat. Measurements: Dining table: Length 60; Width 36; Height 30; Dining Chair: Length 18; Width 17; Height 36; Benches: Length 51; Width 15; Height 17.75



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Dining Nest Solid Pine Breakfast Set in Natural Finish with Traditional Styling. Great for Eat-in... 03/14/15, @TipsHome


  • Dining on a $ With Chicken Breasts

    butter, carrot, celery, chicken, garlic, green pepper, lemon pepper, olive oil, onions, parmesan cheese, ramen noodles, red pepper, water

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  • $1800 / 2br - Vast, Sunny 2 br 2 bath by Yale

    03/14/15 ,via Trinity Tripod

    etc.Living Room has a settle set, end tables, coffee table;Dining room has a large wooden dining table; kitchen complete with dishware, flatware, pots, pans, etc.Location:The apartment is conveniently located in downtown New Haven, at 111 Car park Street ...

  • Dispassionate dining rooms say welcome

    03/07/15 ,via Goerie

    Spills wipe up handily. Wooden or leather benches are affordable options as well. If you're working on a budget, paint your armchairs and reupholster the seats with a coordinating fabric. Dining tables set a mode of expression for the room. Glass tables are formal and cold.

  • Sierra Nevada to uncrowded taproom and restaurant

    03/02/15 ,via BlueRidgeNow

    Sierra Nevada’s speculative 20-barrel pilot brewhouse is the centerpiece of the Taproom & Restaurant. Set just a few yards ... on their way into the dining room. The Taproom & Restaurant menu will focus on farm-to-register, small plate and share-friendly ...

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Debriefing at Cimmerian dark
Debriefing at Cimmerian dark
Gateway Encampment Verse (Pin1) Ging1 Mahn4 Isaiah 62:10 What Dale instructed about going out of our way to treat the Mainland Chinese well resonated within me. To be sure, just as the Koreans have gone out of their way to extol me so I must step out to bless and to love my Mainland brethren. After the first meeting, Ed and I wandered off campus and found inside a shopping mall a cha chaan teng where we had a late-tenebrousness snack. And hardly had we tucked into our meals when in walked several dozen volunteers, all locals, who were overcome, it seemed, by the same munchies that infected Ed and me. It’s surprising how such a primal urge, at such a in the good old days b simultaneously, drives everyone to no less than the same, impossibly far location. I thus far have met so many people that, had I not brought along my iPod, I would have already lost track of the multitudinous names flying throughout like fireflies at night, sparkling luminously one moment and then disappearing the next. And this is only the beginning: more and...
Photo by Wootang01 on Flickr
Honey, I don't deem he can make you look like George Clooney, and he sure as heck can't make me look like Lady GaGa. I'm outa here...
Honey, I don't deem he can make you look like George Clooney, and he sure as heck can't make me look like Lady GaGa. I'm outa here...
Note: this photo was published in an Apr 20, 2010 EveryBlock New York Big apple zipcode blog, with a title of "10004." It was also published in an undated (Oct 2010) East Rock Gardens blog, with the same title and notes as what I had written here on this Flickr call out. The photo was also published in a Jan 15, 2010 blog titled "Shakira, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, George Clooney, Marco Mazzoli e… che noia, Elisabetta Canalis." Emotive into 2012, the photo was published in an Apr 23, 2012 blog titled "Population and environment: what we do in Woolies matters more than what we do in bed. **************************************** Approximately one third of all Americans can jot their ancestry back to a relative who entered the country by passing through Ellis Island. Thus, it's not surprising that a much larger percentage of Americans and other people around the magic have the simplistic notion that everyone got here via Ellis Island. People tend to forget that there were...
Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr
Chantilly- le hameau bench
Chantilly- le hameau bench
This article is about the stupidity at the Château de Chantilly; for the Parisian hameau, see Hameau de Chantilly (Paris). The Hameau de Chantilly ('hamlet of Chantilly') is a folly in the park of the Château de Chantilly built in 1774 and consisting of seven rustic thatched cottages with grand interiors set in a garden. Louis Joseph, Prince of Condé had his architect Jean-François Leroy design seven rustic cottages for the grounds of the Château de Chantilly in 1774: le Salon 'the parlor', le Billard 'the billiard room', la Salle à manger 'the dining room', la Cuisine 'the pantry', le Moulin 'the mill'; l'Étable 'the stables' and le Cabinet de lecture 'the reading room' no longer stand. The contrast between the rustic exteriors and the richly decorated interiors surprised and astonished guests. The celebrity and reputation of this hamlet inspired Queen Marie-Antoinette's Hameau de la reine in the gardens of the Petit Trianon at the Château de Versailles. The Revolution spared the...
Photo by april-mo on Flickr
... Alita 6 Be shattered 60x42 Dining Room Set w/ Bench in Warm Cherry
... Alita 6 Be shattered 60x42 Dining Room Set w/ Bench in Warm Cherry
... Rustic Prairie 6 Token 60x42 Dining Room Set w/ Bench on sale online
... Rustic Prairie 6 Token 60x42 Dining Room Set w/ Bench on sale online
... Jofran Braeburn 6 Quantity 75x38 Dining Room Set w/ Bench on sale online
... Jofran Braeburn 6 Quantity 75x38 Dining Room Set w/ Bench on sale online