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MANO HOME 12 Frame Frame Wall Solid Wood Children 's Room Creative Simple Modern Baby Photo Wall Stickers Frame Combination DIY Wild Living Room Dining Room Bedroom Frame Wall ( Color : #3 ) by MANO HOME

  • Complete set of installing accessories, follow the illustrations to...
  • All made of wood, solid but light. Using environmental protection...
  • Versatile,Allright Photo Frames are brilliant,You can create any...


Product Description

The structure and assembly is extremely durable and making the frame impossible to break in a home environment even if it drops on the hard surface from 3 meters high. Each frame has a high transparent photo frame cover and designer selected inner art print. You can leave the ark work or put your own photo instead. This wall set are made with quality material and designed by the artist, so the price is not the cheapest on the market. Please do not compare with many other cheaper photo frames on Amazon made with cheap material.
Type: Photo Wall
Package type: multi-box
Photo frame number: 12 box
Material: wood
Occupied wall area: length of about 230cm, height of about 150cm (according to the size of the wall may be appropriate to adjust)
Size:  12.8 ** 17.8cm, (3 horizontal, 11 vertical)
Accessories: special nail, s hook, wall stickers
Recommendation: It is recommended that the height of the ground is greater than 80cm.
Applicable wall: painted wall, tile wall, glass surface, gold surface, smooth wallpaper, wood surface, plastic hair surface
Not suitable for the scene: gray walls, rough surface, uneven surface,
Installation steps: 1. The theme of the wall stickers in accordance with the effect of the map or DIY to the wall (set the position of a good frame) 2. With a non-trace nail installed in the appropriate location of the nail
3. Install the photo frame: (1) before the photo to tear off the plexiglass double-sided protective film, (2) according to the vertical and horizontal needs to hook on the back of the board on the side (3) the plexiglass, photos, (4) to put the rotary press into the groove of the frame, (5) hook the hook with the non-staple (6) adjust the level of each frame with the level
4. After hanging the frame, the embellishment of the wall stickers posted a good part of the success
Note: Before installation must first clean up the wall, do not paste the wallpaper in the gun wall to install

Oil Painting 'Sunset Over A Greek Port', 18 x 39 inch / 46 x 99 cm , on High Definition HD canvas prints is for Gifts And Bed Room, Dining Room And Hallway Decoration, cheapest ing by LuxorPre

  • Every artwork is printed on artist-grade canvas with vivid colors...
  • This canvas prints is no frame, no stretch.
  • This is a canvas print, named Sunset over a Greek Port.


Product Description

Beautiful Paint on Canvas no frame, no stretch ,Sunset over a Greek Port, is for Home Decoration, or Wall Art Decoration, Home Decor. There are fiber canvas, cotton canvas, or linen canvas. And it is also the best gift for your relatives, or girl friend and boy friend.

Matinee Dining Room Set - Bob's Minimize Furniture

http://www. com/matinee-dining-5-stake-set 48-inch round glass table and four chairs – only $499. Not just any chairs – they're bonded leather with Bob.

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dining room
dining room
I am proud to do refinishing of these chairs, eatables and side board by myself! All of these are bought from thrift store really cheap except the table. Table came from my friend's grandmother. Dhurrie is from BigLot for $20. hardly ever knickknacks are from India except the basket which is from Ethiopia.
Photo by lorises on Flickr
Secret the bookstore
Secret the bookstore
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Shopfront - Molecule Express
Shopfront - Molecule Express
I wasn't intending to have a yumcha lunch... but it ended up a yumcha-by-secrecy :) And cheap too! All this food for AUD27: 1. 腊肠鸡盅饭 Chicken and Chinese Sausage rice 2. 凤爪 chicken feet 3. 炸鱿鱼须 fried calamari 4. 海鲜豆腐 seafood beancurd 5. 皮蛋瘦肉粥 pork and century egg congee 6. 马拉糕 Malay-cut steamed sponge cake 7. 香港式冻奶茶 Hongkong-style Iced Tea with milk 蝦餃王 Grain Express FC55, Centro Box Hill North (Whitehorse Plaza) Box Hill VIC 3128 (03)9004 1117 Centro Whitehorse, Box Hill Sister corral to 大排挡 Grain Asian Cafe, Box Hill in Box Hill Central (Centro Box Hill South)
Photo by avlxyz on Flickr
... penurious dining room sets Dining Room Sets - Cheapest dining room sets
... penurious dining room sets Dining Room Sets - Cheapest dining room sets
Favour Luxury Formal Dining Room Sets Modern Spacious Dining Room
Favour Luxury Formal Dining Room Sets Modern Spacious Dining Room
Dining Room Sets: Chairs, Buy Dining Room Tables, Apparatus, Dining ...
Dining Room Sets: Chairs, Buy Dining Room Tables, Apparatus, Dining ...