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Steve Silver Company Tayside Dining Table, 45"W x 45"D x 30"H by Steve Silver

  • Stylish Coil design chrome plated base
  • Contemporary Style
  • Floor glides to help protect your floors



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Is there anything better in a modern décor than black on chrome? The Tayside dining set features a contemporary coil design on a chrome-plated table base and legs, topped with a 10mm tempered glass with a beveled top. The black vinyl seats offer visual appeal and are incredibly easy to clean. For the ultimate modern look in your dining area, you won’t do better than this outstanding Tayside dining set.

Coaster Home Furnishings Stanton Modern Contemporary Wave Design Rectangular Dining Table - Black by Coaster Home Furnishings

  • Redefine your dining room with this modern dining table
  • It features a unique trendy base that will impress your guests at...
  • A flowing black finish completes this alluring piece



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Product Description

Redefine your dining room with this modern dining table. It features a unique trendy base that will impress your guests at your next dinner party. A flowing black finish completes this alluring piece. Combine this dining table with the green or gray side chairs from this collection for a complete set.

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Images for Up to date Dining Sets - Report images Modern Kitchen & Dining Sets | Wayfair www. com Furniture Kitchen & Dining Furniture Dining Sets‎ Shop W.

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Oregon 5 Piece Dining Set, 5 Piece, Square, Contemporary, Industrial, Casual / Kitchen, Wood, Metal by

Bring the industrial trend into your dining space with the Oregon Dining Set. Modern metal legs and backrests juxtaposed with wood finished seats and tabletops come together to create the epitome of cool.


Hillsdale Tiburon 5pc Counter Height Dining Set - 40" x 40" x 36" Table, 18" x 21.8" x 40.5" Chair - Material: Fabric Seat - Finish: Espresso, Ivory Seat by

Balanced and precise lines combine with an espresso finish and clean tapered legs to create our Tiburon dining collection. Complete with a matching bench and counter and bar height swivel barstools, all with matching neutral ivory fabric, this ensemble bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary design to become a perfect addition to you dining room, kitchen or nook.


Nourish Bunch Brewing: top craft beers, sturdy pub grub -

Whiskey and soda evident the outer limits of the bartender's repertoire. Craft beers on tap. Recipes that didn't start by filling the fryer with oil. Today, we no longer even call places to get a rot-gut and a bite "bars. " Instead, we have taverns, ale houses, breweries, pubs and lounges. " The operative words today are "contemporary," "silky" and "lively. Moreover, the variety and quality of the drinks and eats can seem astonishing, as became clear to me after visiting two new downtown watering holes, Mother Knot Brewery (reviewed today) and Bitter & Twisted (reviewed next week). "Mother Bunch" is the English pen name of Countess d'Aulnoy, a 17th-century French fairy-story writer. It's not quite clear what that has to do with brewing. But if you want to spend time pondering the question, doing it over the first-rate craft beers and sturdy pub grub at Coddle Bunch Brewing is a very sound decision. Proprietor Julie Meeker offers an ever-changing list of about 20 beers, readily obtainable in 4-ounce ($2), 10-ounce ($4), pint ($6) and 32-ounce ($10) glasses. Can't decide on a beer. Put together a flight of four ($9). At any one conditions, three or four are brewed in-house. So far, my favorites are Cara Cara Wit, with bracing notes of orange and pepper. Cherry Popper, a smoky cleaner. and Blanc de Goslar, a traditional German wheat beer with a tart edge that grew on me with each sip. You can also slake your thirst with top-of-the-line suds like Dragoon's hoppy IPA, Wanderlust's unctuous Chateau Americana Pale Ale and Bell's light, refreshing Oarsman Ale. But Mother Bunch is more than a beer hall. Although chef Holly Arguello mostly sticks to the what-goes-with-beer die — munchies, sandwiches, burgers — she kicks up the usual suspects several notches. You could make a case for never venturing beyond the appetizer shared plates. Nourish Bunch's wonderful mussels ($14), beer-steamed with butter and chile flakes, could match up with most any higher-end restaurant's version. So could the shiny, house-cured salmon ($15), smartly supported with pickled fennel, red onion, tomato, cucumber and capers. And the macaroni coated with ale-spiked cheese cheekiness ($8) packs a beer-friendly spicy wallop. But the unexpected knockout comes from the benign-sounding and terrifically tasty vegetable pâté ($9. 50). Indeed, "pâté" is misleading — this is a spread, fashioned out of peas and cilantro, goosed up with ginger. Arguello ought to bottle it and sell it retail. What's not quite so terrific are earthbound gougeres ($6) that aren't as abuse and airy as they should be. and an off-puttingly sharp roasted garlic dip ($7. 50) that needed more roasting. Don't hesitate to order a burger. The Western ($14) comes topped with smoked tri-tip, cheese, crisped onions and pickled jalapeños, on a brioche bun lined with whiskey barbecue impertinence. The Mother ($14) comes piled with fried pork belly, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. But the sandwiches are an even better choice. The dispose of of making duck pastrami takes Arguello five days, and you can taste the effort that goes into her mouthwatering duck pastrami Reuben ($15). Adorned with Swiss cheese and demi-mondaine red-cabbage sauerkraut, the fillings are set on toasted rye... In the same class are the pork-belly bacon, lettuce and tomato on grilled sourdough ($11). and French dip ($12), a mounting of smoked tri-tip with Swiss and pickled fennel fronds on French bread dabbed with kicky horseradish sauce. On the other hand, I don't know why anyone would come here to eat the snoozy vegetable hot pot ($14). The dull chicken burger ($12) also seems aimed at the joy-challenged. On one visit, the personable Arguello stopped by our table to chat. We mentioned that we really enjoyed her homemade pickled-vegetable touches on the sandwiches and burgers and wondered if she could put together a plate of them. Out came a captivating, access-puckering assortment — red cabbage, fennel, fennel fronds and jalapeños, for which we weren't charged. My suggestion: Put this on the menu and charge $4. I bet there won't be any complaints. In the unfit event you're famished at dessert time, Arguello has the cure for what ails you. Her clafouti ($8), a custardy French fruit tart, shows honest flair. The fudgy, ale-infused brownie ($8) and skillet of chocolate-drenched s'mores ($6) make you proud to be an American. Set in what a long space ago was an AJ Bayless. Source:

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    Not too profuse years ago, the downtown Phoenix bar scene pretty much consisted of old-timers hunched over their deep-fried mushroom caps, greasy burgers, shots and beers. The feeling? Dark, smoky and mind-your-own-business quiet. The clientele?

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    The restaurant is release of a village that also includes a casual dining restaurant, deli, coffee and wine shop, bookstore and private homes. It is situated on what was once a It's not like you're sitting in a Brobdingnagian dining room with everybody else

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    This check in will give you a price range to work with - and a sense of how rare that 1950s dining set really is. Ask for details and Does your contemporary furniture fit in, or does the shop focus on traditional styles or an eclectic mix of funky


Dining Set - Charming European Contemporary: Just in time for Thanksgiving. Beautiful… 03/17/15, @GarageBargain
#Deeply #Decoration Dining Living Room Chair 4 Piece Set Home Furniture Kitchen Contemporary Decor #Furniture #Decor 03/17/15, @TopTrendWatch3
Living Extent Chairs : Dining Living Room Chair 4 Piece Set Home Furniture Kitchen Contemporary Decor << 03/17/15, @_LivingRoom


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    The unshakeable was asked to create a contemporary ... and dining room sit below ground level, while living rooms occupy the ground and first floors, and bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the two telling storeys. Photograph by Echlin A lightwell set back ...

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Foremost we take The Hague, then we take Berlin | Z33
Foremost we take The Hague, then we take Berlin | Z33
Liesje Reyskens Change, 2012 Epson print op dibond 150 x 240 cm © Kristof Vrancken / Z33 Liesje Reyskens (°1984, werkt in Zonhoven) Met haar kleurrijke beelden creëert kunstfotografe Liesje Reyskens op het eerste gezicht erg onschuldige en feeërieke taferelen, waarin meisjesachtige vrouwen vaak de hoofdrol vertolken. Maar schijn bedriegt: wie beter kijkt, ontdekt dat de zoet uitziende beelden ook een unpleasant kantje hebben. In haar werk balanceert Reyskens bewust op de grens tussen realisme en fantasie. Door de kleuren, de belichting, de locale en de verkleedpartijtjes creëert de fotografe haar eigen nieuwe wereld. Met haar frisse, jonge beelden speelt ze zo ook meteen met een van de voornaamste kenmerken van het usual fotografie, namelijk het weergeven van de werkelijkheid. Voor het project RE:Converse (2012) werkte ze rond de perceptie van de vrouw op de mijnsite van Beringen. Ze gebruikte een en hetzelfde exemplar om vrouwen van verschillende nationaliteiten te...
Photo by Z33 art centre, Hasselt on Flickr
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Frisson Collins - Cheltenham Folk Festival 2
Kick Collins playing a set at John Gordons as part of the Cheltenham Folk festival 2010. Find out more at
Photo by kissmyfacemusic on Flickr
Titillate Collins - Cheltenham Folk Festival 1
Titillate Collins - Cheltenham Folk Festival 1
Enliven Collins playing a set at John Gordons as part of the Cheltenham Folk festival 2010. Find out more at
Photo by kissmyfacemusic on Flickr
Image by
XBase Contemporary Dining Set with Obovate Glass Top
XBase Contemporary Dining Set with Obovate Glass Top
Xenia Contemporary Dining Set with Floating Opera-glasses Top
Xenia Contemporary Dining Set with Floating Opera-glasses Top

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