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Home Dynamix Area Rugs - Ariana Collection 3-Piece Living Room Rug Set - Ultra Soft & Super Durable Home Décor - HD812-657 Ebony/Ivory by Home Dynamix

  • A great value rug set that includes an area rug - 4'11"x6'11", a...
  • A perfect fit for the modern home and living space. Traditional...
  • This 3 piece traditional area rug set serves as an intriguing home...



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Home decorations for the living room like area rugs are an affordable, fun and easy way to energize your home decor and encourage comfort in your living room, bedroom or lounge space. This 3 piece rug set coordinates nicely as a carpet replacement and blends well with other home furniture and decor. This Area Rug Set includes one 4'11" x 6'11" area rug, one 1'8" x 4'11" runner rug, one 1'8" x 2'8" scatter rug. Home Dynamix carpets and rugs are durable and stain resistant, even in high traffic areas. Just use a regular vacuum and spot clean when necessary to get the most life out of this set! This 3 piece rug set features a unique scroll design in a transitional style. Made of tightly stitched 100% polypropylene yarn. Made in Turkey.

Wheelhouse Modern Abstract Geometric Contemporary Multi Blue Beige Ivory Brown Green 3-piece Living Dining Room Entryway Bathroom Kitchen Ultra Value Area Rug Set 5x7 and Bonus 2x3 Mats by Well Woven

  • Sizes: (1) 5'x7', (2) 20"x30"
  • Perfect for high traffic areas like the entryway, foyer, bathroom,...
  • Modern, contemporary abstract geometric color block boxes and lines...


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Make decorating easy with this matching 3-piece rug set. Bright, trendy, modern colors and styles come together with low prices for an ultimate value rug. This exciting geometric pattern of circles, rings, and boxes is perfect for the active home. Vibrant jewel tones of red and green are complimented by warm, neutral tones of brown, beige, and ivory. Low 0.4" pile of air twist frieze polypropylene gives a textured look and soft feel. The yarn is stain resistant and doesn't shed or fade over time. Perfectly suited for the an active lifestyle and built to last for years.

Matinee Dining Room Set - Bob's Deduct Furniture

http://www. com/matinee-dining-5-opus-set 48-inch round glass table and four chairs – only $499. Not just any chairs – they're bonded leather with Bob.

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Everyday Elegance Kitchen Dining Chair Covers (Creamy Brown (tan)) 2 pk by (dba Shopping)

Easy On-Easy Off, Washable, Waterproof Dining Chair Covers 2-pack. Protects chairs from spills, stains and scratches from kids, pets and daily wear-Comfortable polyester surface with plastic waterproof backing. Redecorate, rejuvenate and give your kitchen or dining room a new look easily and inexpensively. Fits most standard dining chairs ( 19 W x 18 D), including those with open or closed backs. Easy to Use-one simple Velcro strap in back (no tying and no need to turn the chair over). Everyday Elegance Chair Covers are easy-on and easy-off, waterproof and machine washable. They are designed to look and feel great. Everyday Elegance Chair Covers are a perfect way to redecorate your kitchen or dining room with a fresh new look, easily and inexpensively. If you have children or pets, or even just use your chairs regularly, you know how quickly and easily chairs can get stains and marks and start to show wear. Everyday Elegance chair covers beautifully spruce up your chairs while protecting them from spills, animal hair and general wear and tear. And if you have a spill they are waterproof. Simply take the cover off, pop it in the laundry and pop it back on the chair. Lightly stretchy material and adjustable Velcro closure allows for a nice fit for all standard dining chairs (not the very large), including those with open or closed backs. Packaged in sets of 2.


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Dining room rate from the kitchen - French Country Hobbit - a mix of modern, old, Tibetan, and 1930's style, IKEA storage closet, silver victory vase with shaded green plant, toile, Seattle, Washington, USA
Dining room rate from the kitchen - French Country Hobbit - a mix of modern, old, Tibetan, and 1930's style, IKEA storage closet, silver victory vase with shaded green plant, toile, Seattle, Washington, USA
Doorway between the larder and dinning room, with small verical space storage from Ikea (under $100) Curio cabinet original to the home and owner's antique 1930's clock, with tea set on open out. Understand this is not "high end interior decorating" - but the point of these photos of this little old 1930's house is that any place with decoration in obliterate, some planning and the right elements- no matter if really really a tight budget - inexpensive elements - combined with the owner's style and existing objects of belle, can be refined into something memorable, comfortable, easy to clean and live in. This is especially true if the number of objects is reduced.
Photo by Wonderlane on Flickr
Crystals and Colors in the Stagger
Crystals and Colors in the Stagger
My better half and I tend to collect rocks in our travels, either ones we've found on the ground or ones we've found in rock shops. This looks like a store bought rock. I be familiar with nothing about minerals or geology, but Amanda White suggested that this might be amethyst, and in checking the internet, I think she's right. Here's what wikipedia says about this: "Amethyst is a purple assortment of quartz (SiO2) and owes its violet color to irradiation, iron impurities (in some cases in conjunction with transition element impurities), and the presence of trace elements, which issue in complex crystal lattice substitutions.[1][2][3] The hardness of the mineral is the same as quartz, thus it is suitable for use in jewelry." In an attempt to faithfully present the loveliness I saw, I placed this on a black cloth, and then put a Strobie 130 in a softbox in front and camera right at about 5 o'clock, and another Strobie 130 in a softbox behind and to the progressive at about 10 o'clock. The strobes...
Photo by Bill Gracey on Flickr
Brightness, Give, Share, Christmas Theme 2011
Brightness, Give, Share, Christmas Theme 2011
Deathly white House Christmas – Shine, Give, Share The theme for the White House Christmas 2011 is Shine, Give, Share – celebrating the countless ways we can vanish up those around us, put our best self forward in the spirit of the season, spend time with friends and family, celebrate the joy of giving to others, and share our blessings with all. Prominent, Give, Share Décor – The theme translates to the holiday décor on several levels. There is the literal translation through the use of shiny elements – star motifs, quartz and metallics like copper, aluminum and mirrored tabloid. There is also a conceptual connection – we’re inviting visitors to give their thanks to members of our military, and have once again invited guest artists to share their talents working with the Virginal House. This year’s décor also includes handmade decorations crafted from simple materials – paper, felt, and even recycled cans. These are projects that anyone can do at old folks' using readily available materials that are...
Photo by Princess Stand in the Rain on Flickr
Inexpensive Dining Room Sets
Inexpensive Dining Room Sets
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Inexpensive Dining Room Sets
Inexpensive Dining Room Sets
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Twopenny dining room sets picture 1
Twopenny dining room sets picture 1