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75-Piece Gold Flatware Set Dining Service for 12, 18/10 Premium Stainless Steel, 24K Gold-Plated Trim, Silverware Serving Set, Wood Storage Case ("Regency") by J.S. Dining Collection

  • Made of durable 18/10 food grade stainless steel., each piece...
  • High lustre mirrored finish is dishwasher safe, never needs...
  • Beautifully Packaged In a High-Gloss premium Wood Case & Pullout...


Product Description

Stunning 75 piece flatware set, each piece is constructed using the finest quality materials, with craftsmanship and finishing that has been perfected for more than a century. Constructed with 18/10 stainless steel, our housewares flatware is durable and stylish...and built to last for generations. In quality gauge and finish, J.S. Dining Collection housewares flatware represents the best of the category. Fine flatware is no longer only a special occasion item in the will see it grace the dining table for everyday use in many homes across the country. Styles range from formal to casual, but all offer the highest level of craftsmanship.

Nikalaz Set of Brown Placemats and Coasters, 4 Table Mats and 4 Coasters, Italian Recycled Leather, Place Mats 15.7'' x 11.8'' and Coasters 3.9'' x 3.9'', Dining table set by Nikalaz

  • Elegant design and perfect amendment for various home decors. The...
  • Dining table set - Please check our Nikalaz listings for other...
  • Rectangle form - Placemat - 15.75'' x 11.81'' (40x30 cm) and...


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One side embossed recycled leather placemats. Finished colored edges. The leather is specially produced in Italy.

Extended Italian opulence Dining set White Plains NYSales net

Extended Italian line Dining set White Plains NYSales net LarGe Extended ItaLiaN Style Dining RooM TabLe with SiX NeedLe PoInt/CainE StYLe Chairs Large Ital.

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Forzieri Designer Kitchen & Dining, Zecchin Set of 6 Tumbler Glasses by FORZIERI.COM

Zecchin Set of 6 Tumbler Glasses create a beautiful silhouette with exquisite brilliance and clarity for your dinner service. Crafted in beautiful Italian lead-free gradient colored crystal with a 24 karat gold band on the rim. It is recommended that the glasses in this collection be washed by hand only with a mild detergent. 18 cl/6.50 oz. Made in Italy.


Forzieri Designer Kitchen & Dining, Zecchin Set of 6 Cordial Glasses by FORZIERI.COM

Zecchin Set of 6 Cordial Glasses lets you elevate after-dinner drinks putting the focus on liqueurs, ice wines and after-dinner cordials. Crafted in beautiful Italian lead-free gradient colored crystal with a 24 karat gold band on the rim. It is recommended that the glasses in this collection be washed by hand only with a mild detergent. 5 cl/1.75 oz. Made in Italy.


MRTW: On the midnight followers to… Perth

At some signification I decided that it would be fun to take the India Pacific train across Australia to get to Perth, in Western Australia, to see some of the outback without having to actually drive across it myself. The expedition takes less than 2 days and is over two nights. I chose to depart on February 26th. The website made it seem like even the cheap seats (the “red service”, where you literally slumber in your seat for the two nights) would be pretty damn nice, which was good because they were over a thousand bucks... My car wasn’t actually fancy at all. It wasn’t very new, and some of the passengers in the fa were drinking nonstop and smelled pretty bad (they were the ones perpetrating the minor stabbing I mentioned in my last post, which I’ll get to later). However, the staff was super on good terms, and the people I sat with and around in the back of the car with the seats were great. Next to me was Jacky, a British woman in her 60’s (maybe. An American couple, Paul and Cindy, sat across the aisle from us. They sold their vocation and plan on traveling for about 2 years. Behind us were Mariska (Dutch) and Helen (British) and across from them were Vito and Ashley (Dutch). I spent most of the two nights and scarcely two days hanging out with some combination of those people. The seats did recline a fair bit, but didn’t have footrests so were not really as comfortable as they could have been. We in the cattle car only had access to two train cars- the one with our seats and a dining car. The take one's repose of the train, which really was very long, was reserved for gold and platinum class. We spent the time on the train looking out the window for kangaroos, playing Rummykub, and making fun of ourselves for being the lowest of the low. Only one in the flesh saw kangaroos, but we also saw camels. First, a group of about 10-15 dead camels, piled up on the side of the tracks in the sun. Then a small group of not dead camels, continual from the train. This was not a case of camel-on-camel violence. the first set was killed by farmers to keep them from eating the grasslands for the cows. the second set was presumably dispiriting to avoid a similar fate. Inside the train had some of its own thrills, when two of the aforementioned group of constant drinkers began arguing, apparently about money. Both participants, chew out vacillating you, were frail seeming women in their 50’s or 60’s. This took place in the dining car, in the booth behind where we were sitting and playing cards. One woman had been eating time past and had silverware in front of her. The other woman, who had come in from the car with the seats in it, picked up the knife and started menacing Woman 1 with it. Woman 1, not willing to be at a disadvantage, picked up the fork. And proceeded to thrust Woman 2 with it. In the face. At this point the people I was with jumped in and pulled them apart/ got the attention of the people working on the train, while I ran away like a child. The two were separated in the two cars for the continue to be of the trip. Woman 1 dropped a few c-bombs to let us know she continued to be mad at Woman 2 for the remainder of the day. However, by their drop off in Kalgoorlie, they were back to sitting peacefully beside each other. The train made a few stops along the way. It was in Cook that I principal heard the sound of a western Australian crow. The second of these stops was at Kalgoorlie, where you could either take a tour of the largest gold mine in Australia (the “Wonderful Pit”) for $86 AUD or go drinking at the local bars. The train made two other stops, at seeming random places in the middle of the Outback. The first was to drop off two unsophisticated guys, who were just starting their journeys as station hands. The second was to pick up an incredibly tan girl, who I later found out was Italian and named Marta. She had been working for about 6 months on two original sheep stations, and was eager to go drinking with the red class in Kalgoorlie. We arrived in Perth at 9:15 am on February 28th, with a new round of Facebook friends and a whole new side of Australia to be hot in. We’d made it to the confirm of Western Australia. Fun fact: The train’s route includes the world’s longest. Source: A Million Cloud Reflections


Set of 8 Italian Inlaid Dining Chairs 03/16/15, @flavianobear
Set of 8 Italian Inlaid Dining Chairs 03/16/15, @lopezrainero


  • Italian Salad Dressing

    cayenne, celery seed, mustard, garlic, salt, sugar, hot sauce, vegetable oil, white vinegar

  • Dining on a $ With Chicken Breasts

    butter, carrot, celery, chicken, garlic, green pepper, lemon pepper, olive oil, onions, parmesan cheese, ramen noodles, red pepper, water

  • Herbed Italian Chump

    basil, oregano, bread flour, salt, salt, sesame seed, water, water, sugar, yeast

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  • Glasgow to 'palpable life with Gusto' with new Italian restaurant

    03/16/15 ,via

    Say goodbye to burgers and fries, a new period of dining is hitting the town. Gusto is set to open its second Scottish restaurant later this month, focusing on bringing style and classic Italian features, inspired by the usual grand cafes of Europe.

  • Genuine Pepe Pizzeria’s First Boston Location Will Be in Chestnut Hill

    03/15/15 ,via Boston

    With a site confirmed, Pepe’s move to Boston is now set in brick oven-fired pizza stone. The original Frank Pepe Pizzeria on Wooster Drive in New Haven's Little Italy. The restaurant made a national name for itself by originating the New Haven-style ...

  • Models by Ashton Woods on earmark at Naples Reserve

    03/16/15 ,via Naples Daily News

    The Ashton Woods residences are set against Naples Remoteness's natural setting ... The floor plan includes a large kitchen, dining and great room space with a fireplace, three bedrooms, a over, a media room, two-and-a-half baths, and an outdoor living ...

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Marvy Tier
Marvy Tier
The “gourmet” Grand Tier at Lincoln Center's Metropolitan Opera House offers an Italian menu in a “beautiful setting.”
Photo by ZagatBuzz on Flickr
Aspettiamo San Valentino ...
Aspettiamo San Valentino ...
Antica Locanda Alpina Eredi Gianni Gentilini via Roma 22, Pianaccio Bologna Italy Dal 1904 rigorosamente a conduzione familiare. Tie us on FaceBook:!/profile.php?id=1597554939 Guarda altre foto della Locanda delle Meraviglie…
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Milady Italian Lacquer Dining Tabular
Milady Italian Lacquer Dining Tabular
Total Size Alternate Views
Total Size Alternate Views
Want Ketty Italian Classic Dining Set listed in: Luxury Dining Room ...
Want Ketty Italian Classic Dining Set listed in: Luxury Dining Room ...

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