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Createx Colors 5803-00 2-Ounce AB Airbrush Set, Opaque by Createx Colors

  • Permanent and wash-fast on textiles after heat curing. Compatible...
  • Suitable for a wide range of surfaces: textile, glass, canvass,...
  • Water-based. Non-toxic. Made with pride in the U.S.A.



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Createx Opaque Airbrush Color Set includes 2oz. size bottles each Opaque White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Light Green, Red

Schneidmeister Airbrush Stencil FIELD OF SKULLS Volume 4, Mylar Template, two layer single Quickstep, EZ SuperStencil, SM-FOS004 by SCHNEIDMEISTER

  • Suitable also for Wall-Art, Tattoo, Garment or Bodypainting. You...
  • BEST RESULTS GUARANTEED, made from tough, 0.12mm genuine Mylar(tm).
  • For custom painting on vehicles or metal don´t forget to order...


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Just the right choice:

Creative work becomes child's play with SCHNEIDMEISTER airbrush stencils. For the professional they are
ideal when it comes to saving valuable time (for example in repetitive work), while for the airbrush newcomer
they represent a highly valuable aid to gaining useful experience.

SCHNEIDMEISTER stencils significantly shorten the process of becoming an airbrush expert.

SCHNEIDMEISTER provides unique airbrush and artist's stencils in top laser quality, in designs which lead
the market in vehicle lettering and graphics, as well as in the textile and advertising industries.
Thanks to their high quality, there is strong demand from airbrush and tattoo artists, US car customizers and
even leading clothing brands.

SCHNEIDMEISTER stencils provide you with high quality material, outstanding designs and excellent service:
made by professionals for professionals, providing highest quality and truly attractive airbrush results.

Of course, as regards airbrushes, SCHNEIDMEISTER designs and stencils are also ideal for commercial applications
such as textile enhancement and many others. As an artist you can benefit from every hot new development.

SCHNEIDMEISTER designs are ideal for every use which requires uncompromising quality rather than inferior
clip-art or overused conventional designs. Your creations - featuring first-class stencils from a top brand - will
make a strong impression on your customers with their style and modernity.

Thank you for using and supporting SCHNEIDMEISTER Stencils.

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Badger Air-Brush Company, 2 Ounce Bottle Minitaire Airbrush Ready, Water Based Acrylic Paint, Ghost BADD6171 by

Badger Air-Brush Company, the world leader in special application finishing technology, introduces "Miniature" for War gaming figure artists. Miniature is an excellent water based acrylic hobby paint designed to assure gamers of authentic, professional results with greater ease and efficiency. Miniature offers extreme fine-coat coverage without concealing intricate details. Safe, non-toxic, airbrush or paint brush ready. Miniature is made of high quality organic pigments for outstanding color retention and color fastness. Quick drying with superior adhesion to most plastics, resins, metals and various other substrates, Miniature is available in over 80 authentic colors. If you're not satisfied until every detail is perfect, then let Miniature bring your gaming pieces to life. FeaturesWater based acrylic paint designed to assure professional results with ease and efficiency Miniature offers fine coverage without concealing detailsQuick drying with excellent adhesion on miniature figures, detail enhancing fine coat coverageSafe non-toxic, airbrush or paint brush ready, Miniature is made of high quality organic pigments for outstanding color retention and fastnessMiniature is available in over 80 authentic colors, user friendly water-base formulation Easy clean upBadger Air-Brush Co, Miniature paints are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A


BP-108 2 Tuf 4 U- Bicycle License Plate by

Clear coated for outstanding shine and uv resistant to prevent fading. Highest quality aluminum: These are beautiful. 032 Thickness aluminum. Can be used alone or for customizing such as: Airbrushing, engraving, decaling, monogrammingand just about any type of personalization/customizing you want to add. Each individually shrink-wrapped. Size: 3 x 6 standard bicycle license plates. Tuf 4 U.


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  • Graffiti artiest Caspar van Adrichem geselecteerd door Doe Museum Prins ...

    10/02/15 ,via RegiowebgidsNijkerk

    Caspar van Adrichem, eigenaar Airbrush Art 4 U is zeer vereerd gekozen te zijn en zal op zondag 4 oktober 2015 tijdens de Street Art Banksy tentoonstelling aan zijn creatie beginnen in Doe Museum Prins Bernhardhoeve in Zuidlaren, waar u vanaf 11.00 uur 

  • Sharon Stone Reveals All

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    Just ask Sharon Stone, now 57, who found herself struggling through a limited guest run on the 11th season of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2010, 15 years after earning a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her work in Martin Scor sese's Casino

  • Cox brings gigabit Internet to San Diego

    Gigabit Internet has become a hot topic for cable and telephone company Internet Service Providers since Google launched its fiber to the home project in 2012. Google Fiber now delivers 1 gigabit Internet speeds to selected neighborhoods in Kansas City


@casspernyovest and honestly 4 a rapper 2 do that, its just lazy. U cn always "airbrush" ur flow after ur done writting ur lyrics. 10/02/15, @anonImousARTIST


  • R U Chicken

    flour, chicken, cayenne, vegetable oil, black pepper, rice, milk, paprika, salt, cornmeal


  • The Monster Makers Mask Makers Handbook

    The Monster Makers. 1994. ISBN: 9780977687008,0977687007. 43 pages.

    The Monster Makers Mask Makers Handbook teaches you, step by step, how to make your very own custom, Latex Rubber Halloween Monster Masks. If you've ever wanted to learn exactly how these amazing, hollywood style masks are made, this in-depth manual is for you. The Monster Makers Mask Makers Handbook takes you from start to finish, through design, sculpture, molding, casting, and painting of a Super-Deluxe Latex Rubber Halloween Mask. Includes tons of tips and valuable information about materials and techniques gathered from years of experience. A unique and fantastic resource! The Monster Makers Mask Makers Handbook is the only how-to book devoted to the subject of making latex rubber, Halloween masks. Available exclusively from Amazon and The Monster Makers. Fully illustrated with...

  • How to Master Airbrush Painting Techniques

    MBI Publishing Company. 2007. ISBN: 0760323992,9780760323991. 192 pages.

    Clear, step-by-step lessons from the master in the technology and techniques of airbrush art for any vehicle or surface.

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  • Unemployment down in region last month

    But figures for August show Daviess County at 4.2 percent; Hancock, 4.3 percent ... and Ohana Tees in the former Airbrush Inc. space. • Forbes magazine's "The Best Small Places for Business and Careers" for 2015 ranks Owensboro at No. 105 among 200 ...

  • AKVIS releases AirBrush 3 for Mac OS X, Windows

    09/22/15 ,via MacTech Magazine

    AKVIS has released version 3 of AirBrush for Mac OS X and Windows ... Thanks to multi-layer support, creating complex graphics is no... Read more pwSafe 4.5 - Secure password management... MTR - The Mac's oldest and... MTR (was MacTheRipper ...

  • Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy Announces Their Upcoming Spray Tanning Certification Class in Branford, Connecticut

    08/24/15 ,via WIS-TV

    The academy’s staff trainer Tammy Becker will be training those students. Each of the students will get an opportunity to master the art of airbrush tanning by spray tanning 3-4 models. Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy has helped many of its students ...

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The latest Tweets from Air Brush 4 U (@Airbrush_4_U). I Am Willie Preston,Owner and Operater, of Airbrush 4-U Airbrush & Custom Artwork on Shirts, Bags, Shoes ...

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Интернет-портал об аэрографии в ...

«Крупнейший российский сайт об аэрографии ... Аэрография Land Rover Discovery 4 Корабль ...

My photo of a Jaguar E-Type from Flickr being used on Gap clothing designs
My photo of a Jaguar E-Type from Flickr being used on Gap clothing designs
I'm sure that The Gap has a totally awesome explanation for why this photo of mine, published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) license, is apparently being used on the Grey Pumice versions of the "Thermal body double" onesie (SKU #785589) and the 2-in-1 moto one-piece (SKU #785593) at The two images are clearly related to each other. I eagerly await the Gap's response. I have various thoughts about what's going on here — for example, the mind-boggling idea that some unknown factory in southeast Asia somewhere is cranking out thousands of $16.95 tshirts with my photo on them on behalf of the Gap, and yet they never attempted to contact me about their use of my work — but I'm trying to keep most of my thoughts to myself until Gap has a chance to respond. This has come up, after all, on a Sunday afternoon, and I doubt the people there I tried to contact about this will find out until Monday morning. So...
Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr
Hardeep Pandhal In Praise of Conjecture, video, 8 mins, ink and gouache on paper, custom airbrush t-shirt, 4 used books, MDF, (2013)
Hardeep Pandhal In Praise of Conjecture, video, 8 mins, ink and gouache on paper, custom airbrush t-shirt, 4 used books, MDF, (2013)
Convocation: Colm Cille's Spiral, Mackintosh Museum, The Glasgow School of Art, 12 October - 1 November 2013. Photo Janet Wilson
Photo by The Glasgow School of Art on Flickr
Hardeep Pandhal, In Praise of Conjecture, video, 8 mins, ink and gouache on paper, custom airbrush t-shirt, 4 used books, MDF, (2013)
Hardeep Pandhal, In Praise of Conjecture, video, 8 mins, ink and gouache on paper, custom airbrush t-shirt, 4 used books, MDF, (2013)
Convocation: Colm Cille's Spiral, Mackintosh Museum, The Glasgow School of Art, 12 October - 1 November 2013. Photo Janet Wilson
Photo by The Glasgow School of Art on Flickr
Airbrush 4 U
Airbrush 4 U
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Ik heb de airbrush gecombineerd met de spuitbus om een goed ...
Ik heb de airbrush gecombineerd met de spuitbus om een goed ...