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Airsoft Army of Two Paintball Mask Crank Protective Gear Outdoor Sport Fancy Party Ghost Masks Bb Gun by INVADER KING

  • We can produce patterns on the mask, according to customer...
  • Wide Vision for optimal peripheral view.
  • Protect 600 FPS Up from plastic bullets.


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The tactical airsoft mask is designed to deliver very wide vision for optimal peripheral view. For extended wear on warm days, eyes protection, our lens can be protect 600 fps up from plastic bullets because thickness lens gives an inaccurate vision. With a lens of 5 cm wide and 8 cm long 10 mm depth which is a bigger size. Airsoft eyes mask is equipped with an anti-fog lens. Most have an extremely high visibility rating and will shade your eyes from the sun. An essential piece of safety cover provides highest protection; keep your face protected safe and soft with cushion inside; easy to breathe in; has given more space between your nose and mouth. All mark can be added LEDs on the lenses for cool. All mask made by handmade product. We did not only choose the innovation of fiberglass to be a main material; it is lighter and stronger than metal sheet; using fiberglass for airsoft mask definitely improves its esthetics; but we also got several of cool face masks that will be sure to intimidate your competitors. Free size adjustable and supporting wearing your mask with locks on every strap and adjustable liners for firmness and having a small pocket at the back of the straps. All mask suitable for all ages, seasons, some necessary usage such as festival, Halloween, party, DJ mask, acting, driving motorcycle, costumes as well as a gift for someone. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: Paintball Mask & Airsoft Mask were included customize LEDs on lens. Contact Invader King seller.

Greeting Cards for all Occasions - Blank Inside, 10 Unique Premium Designs from Sweden, Perfect for Your Own Thank You, Birthday, Sympathy, Get Well, Thinking of You, Anniversary Notes by Italdesign Gift Boxes

  • CREATE THE DIFFERENCE - find anytime you need the best holiday...
  • <b>SUPERIOR DESIGN FROM SWEDEN</b> - get those inspirational art...


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Product Description

A world of Fantasy and Elegance.

Indulge in this world of timeless, unique, humorous, luxurious, stylish, witty, intelligent, ingenious and brilliant designs. Enjoy the highest Swedish quality of materials and craftsmanship, which sets the standards for the whole industry.

Everyone loves to receive a real card through post or by hand.

Handwriting is intimate and reveals personality. Equally Time is the most precious thing to give, so if we spend time choosing, writing and sending a card, we are helping people feel valuable and worthwhile. Choose our blank inside cards and just add your personal touch.

The truly effective way of telling someone you really care.

When you want to say Thank You or to send just a short note of encouragement, here you'll find plenty of variety across card styles to suit all your needs.

Greetings in the most beautiful form at a fraction of their normal price.

When occasions arise, we get you covered. No more emergency trips to the store. You don't need to rush down to the store and spend $6-$8 on a Birthday Card. You will always have one at hand. Buying cards in bulk is so convenient and smart.