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Recycling Christmas Cards: Eco Craft Projects and Ideas to Repurpose Holiday Cards - With 45 Special Blank Templates Included by Lipsanen Anneke

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If you are a crafter, teacher or parent interested in recycling Christmas cards, then you will love these pretty eco crafts, ideas and special templates to repurpose your used Holiday cards into charming new crafted items.

The full color book with instructions and photographs for the 50 projects, plus the template collection with easy craft templates, are all you need to give used greeting cards a second life. The templates are designed and adapted for greeting card sizes and can be used again and again. Don't throw away those beautiful cards after the very short holiday period! Create nifty new items for fabulous scrapbooking, pretty packaging, little personal gifts, fun favors, small tokens of appreciation, creative containers, decor, decorations and ornaments!

There are bonus projects, printable pattern paper and a second set of blank craft templates too. Make them for yourself, or to sell at craft markets and fundraising events. And use them for school arts and crafts projects too, as many projects are suitable for children.

No fancy coordinated craft shop designs or expensive embellishments are needed. Just use what you have on hand. The happy patchwork medley is exactly what makes the projects in Recycling Christmas Cards so charming. Those lavish graphics on greeting cards were created by professional designers and make fabulous crafting material for pennies on the dollar - and in sturdy card stock to boot. They are just waiting for the new life you can give them.

Folks love to browse craft fairs and the likes for those inexpensive "little something" gifts. Many projects are geared towards such little gifts and stocking stuffers.

Crafters will love the 45 craft templates in the book, as they have the perfect size for the projects. (Suggestions for recycling Christmas cards are easy to find, but finding templates that are ready to use and scaled to size are not).

For convenience the templates are also available as printable downloads. If you have some odd cards left in a box somewhere, you can start your crafting straight away. Then ask friends, family and neighbors for theirs, as you will soon need (and want) a lot of cards. You can even arrange collection boxes at super markets, clubs and such.

It is not just about recycling Christmas cards, but about recycling Christmas fun - all year long! So keep every one of your cards and get started for the next Holiday season, because 40 million recycled cards save 13 600 trees! Reuse, remake, repurpose, reduce, recycle and rethink!

Greeting Cards for all Occasions - Blank Inside, 10 Unique Premium Designs from Sweden, Perfect for Your Own Thank You, Birthday, Sympathy, Get Well, Thinking of You, Anniversary Notes by Italdesign Gift Boxes

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A world of Fantasy and Elegance.

Indulge in this world of timeless, unique, humorous, luxurious, stylish, witty, intelligent, ingenious and brilliant designs. Enjoy the highest Swedish quality of materials and craftsmanship, which sets the standards for the whole industry.

Everyone loves to receive a real card through post or by hand.

Handwriting is intimate and reveals personality. Equally Time is the most precious thing to give, so if we spend time choosing, writing and sending a card, we are helping people feel valuable and worthwhile. Choose our blank inside cards and just add your personal touch.

The truly effective way of telling someone you really care.

When you want to say Thank You or to send just a short note of encouragement, here you'll find plenty of variety across card styles to suit all your needs.

Greetings in the most beautiful form at a fraction of their normal price.

When occasions arise, we get you covered. No more emergency trips to the store. You don't need to rush down to the store and spend $6-$8 on a Birthday Card. You will always have one at hand. Buying cards in bulk is so convenient and smart.