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Now in mini format: National Geographic Simply Beautiful Photographs takes readers on a spectacular visual journey through some of the most stunning photographs to be found in National Geographic’s famed Image Collection. Award-winning photographer Annie Griffiths culled the images to reflect the many variations on the universal theme of beauty. Chapters are organized around the aesthetic concepts that create beauty in a photograph: Light, Composition, Moment (Gesture and Emotion), Motion, Palette, and Wonder.

Beyond the introduction and brief essays about each featured concept, the text is light. The photographs speak for themselves, enhanced by lyrical quotes from scholars and poets. In the chapter on Light, for example, we read these words of whimsical wisdom from songwriter Leonard Cohen: “Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That's how the lights get in.” And then the images flow, of light entering scenes through windows, clouds, and spotlights, from above, alongside, and behind, casting radiance upon young ballerinas and weathered men, into groves of autumn trees and island-dotted seas, revealing everything it touches to be beautiful beyond expectation.

To illuminate the theme of Wonder, Griffiths chose a wish from Andre Bazin: “If I had influence with the good fairy...I should ask that her gift to each child in the world be a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last throughout life.” This thought is juxtaposed with an exquisite vision in white, a frame filled with the snowy-pure dots and rays of a bird’s fan tail. And on it goes, picture after tantalizing picture, alive with wondrous beauty.

When she created National Geographic Simply Beautiful Photographs, Annie Griffiths set two goals: to maximize visual delight, and to create a book unique in the world of publishing—one in which many of the photographs could be purchased as prints. She has succeeded on both counts. Many of these stunning images are available for order, and there can be no doubt as to the visual delight. You must open this book for yourself, and take in its radiant beauty. Review

From National Geographic Simply Beautiful Photographs
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Pantanal, Brazil. The setting sun silhouettes gauchos as they relax at the end of the day. (p. 104, Joel Sartore) Richnava, Slovakia. Roma children look out the window of their shanty. (p. 185, James L. Stanfield) Near Wismar, Germany. Women share a laugh while harvesting sugar beets. (p. 225, Gordon Gahan) Sarand, Hungary. A bee-eater bird takes flight, while another keeps its perch. (p. 341, Joe Petersburger)
Asheville, North Carolina. Orange leaves cover a Japanese maple at the Biltmore Estate. (p. 364, Melissa Farlow) Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. A trumpeter swan glides across Yellowstone River. (p. 370-371, James P. Blair) Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. Tail feathers of a little greenbul bird fan out behind closed wings. (p. 461, Joel Sartore) Bayan-Olgiy, Mongolian People's Republic. A Kazakh hunter shies slightly as his golden eagle spreads its wings. (p. 440, David Edwards)

National Geographic Greatest Landscapes: Stunning Photographs That Inspire and Astonish by National Geographic

  • National Geographic Greatest Landscapes Stunning Photographs That...



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This iconic National Geographic photography collection of the world’s most majestic nature landscapes presents the exquisiteness of the great outdoors and showcases evocative and extraordinary images, often unseen. With vast deserts in twilight, snowcapped mountain ranges at the brink of dawn, a forest in the height of autumn colors, these indelible images will magnify the beauty, emotion, and depth that can be captured in the split second of a camera flash, taking readers on a spectacular visual journey and offering an elegant conduit to the world around them. Paired with illuminating insights from celebrated photographers, this beautiful book weaves a vibrant tapestry of images that readers will turn to again and again.

► Planet Earth: Amazing nature scenery (1080p HD)

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greatest photographs of the american west capturing 125 years of majesty sp by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

New The Wild West is perhaps the most enduring of American myths, but the reality is even more compelling. It's a magical place of extraordinary people, exciting events, and stunning scenery-big sky, wide-open spaces, epic grandeur, and pristine wilderness. National Geographic brings together award-winning photographers to capture this outsized land of majestic dimensions and emotive power. Unparalled images-some iconic, some rarely or never-before-seen-speak to the powerful forces of nature and culture at work in the West and showcase the region as never before. Divided into four chapters-Legends, Encounters, Boundaries, and Visions-renowned National Geographic photography, past and present, brings the magic and the mystery of the American West alive through the best of its collection. From red-rock waves of stone to rugged snow-capped mountains, from ghost towns to prairie dog towns, from cowboys to wild horses, 'National Geographic Greatest Photographs of the American West' captures it all in spectacular color photography augmented by periodic archival photographs. The photographs weave together a visual tapestry-complemented by informative captions-of this rich, varied, and enduring landscape that is the American West.


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Unique Pop Art Elephant T-Shirt

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New Salt Lake Seven exhibit shows importance of risk-taking - Daily Herald

If You Go TAKING CHANCES: PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE SALT LAKE SEVEN. What: A collection of photographs from the Salt Lake Seven, a local group of photographers that regularly critique each other’s work. 30, during normal museum hours. Where: The Springville Museum of Art, 126 E. 400 South, Springville. “Taking Chances,” a new photography exhibit at the Springville Museum of Art, makes this point clear. The exhibit highlights the work of The Salt Lake Seven, a semi-rotating contingent of local photographers that have been group-critiquing each other’s work since the 1990s. Boldness takes many forms in the unique collection: Harley Davidson... “Nobody’s work looks like anybody else’s, and the subject matter changes pretty consistently, but there’s some subtle resonance that it’s created,” said photographer Kent Miles, who has been the group’s leader since its inception. Miles was teaching photography at Brigham Young University in ’90s when a group of his students proposed an idea. They wanted to continue getting his feedback after their classes concluded, in a constructive, collaborative setting. Miles obliged, and the photographers began having regular meetups where they showed their new work to one another. “The Salt Lake Seven,” as they became known, have done a number of group exhibits through the years. “The name has stuck, even though the numbers change,” Miles said. “The seven has become sort of a symbolic number. Local photographer Justin Hackworth has been part of the Salt Lake Seven since the beginning. When it comes to describing Miles and his impact/expertise, Hackworth effuses admiration. “He’s very prolific and the best photographer this side of the Mississippi,” Hackworth said in a text message, adding that Miles has probably had 10 times as many photography exhibits in Utah than any other photographer. The exhibit’s physical setup conveys Miles’ influence in a compelling way. Eight other photographers have their photo collections placed on four walls of a room in the museum. Miles’ collection is set up in the middle of the room on a series of unique three-dimensional displays. Viewers must circle the displays as they view Miles’ collection — the orbital nature of his influence begins to be understood. According to Miles, this setup was also for practical reasons, since they had limited space for everyone’s work. Beyond taking chances, much of the exhibit focuses on also taking feedback. Critique has been an essential part of the Salt Lake Seven’s mission. The exhibit is set up to invite thought and discussion on the topic. There are places where museum patrons can write down their own experiences with critique. As well, the photographers themselves have written down how the group has impacted their art, and these statements are on display. Though local photographer Trevor Christensen isn’t part of the Seven, he’s no stranger to artistic risk-taking. Christensen made national news last year for his “Nude Portraits” series, in which he as the photographer was naked while his portrait subjects were clothed. Christensen said taking risks and accepting feedback has been essential for him, and should be for any artist. “Such a big part of art is showing people your work, and being willing to take compliments and criticism,” Christensen explained. “And the critiquing process is essential to grow. If you only work in a bubble then you’re not likely to make the same strides as quickly as you would make them — or at all — than if you were showing people your work. The photographers aren’t the only ones taking chances. This is actually one of the first photography exhibits that the Springville Museum of Art has hosted. “We’re really trying to show that we value that art form as well,” said museum Educator Ali Royal, who has been working with the Salt Lake Seven to present this exhibit. “They are stunning photos, especially together as a group. They are all so different, but they work together beautifully in the room. Source:

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  • New Salt Lake Seven exhibit shows importance of risk-taking

    08/08/15 ,via Daily Herald

    What: A collection of photographs from the Salt Lake Seven, a local group of photographers that regularly critique each other's work. When: Now through Aug. 30, during normal museum hours Viewers must circle the displays as they view Miles

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    Estofado de Champiñones, Yucca Causa with Chipotle, Radish Salsa Criolla and Ajíes Rellenos de Choclo are just some of the stunning, tantalizing and homey Peruvian dishes mother-daughter chefs, authors and bloggers Morena Cuadra and Morena Escardo

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    Brad Wilson, a photographer based in Santa Fe and Los Angeles, took images of people for more than a decade before he switched to animals. There was no shortage of photographers snapping pictures of primates and exotic species in their natural habitats 


Stunning Nature Photography Collection (10 Pictures) | Most Beautiful Pages 08/08/15, @bravo_arge
Stunning Nature Photography Collection 2 (10 Pictures) | Most Beautiful Pages 08/08/15, @bravo_arge
Stunning Nature Photography Collection (10 Pictures) 08/06/15, @vibrating528


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  • The Gerlach Collection

    Focal Press. 2010. ISBN: 0240818156,9780240818153.

    The natural world is a beautiful place to live, and this 2 book package will give you all the skills and techniques you need to create stunning images of the features and creatures around you. Whether you are capturing birds soaring in beautiful mountain-top vistas, deer grazing in lush woodland greenery, or simply birds perching in your own back yard, these two books combined will give you all the skills you need to capture gorgeous images of the natural world around you. Having guided and advised over 50,000 photographers through their seminars and with over 20 years experience under their belts, John and Barbara Gerlach are the authority on digital nature and digital landscape photography. Digital Landscape Photography gives you all the skills you need to capture stunning landscapes...

  • Structures of nature

    Univ of Washington Pr. 2002. 72 pages.

    Born in Paris and raised in Germany, Andreas Feininger (1906-1999) was the son of American artist and Bauhaus teacher Lyonel Feininger. By the 1920s, the younger Feininger had already established several stylistic traits in his photographic work, such as monumentalized subject matter and emphasis on texture and line. His nature photographs tend to reveal patterns in animal and plant forms as found in the backbones of a snake or veins in a leaf. After immigrating to America in 1939, Feininger completed almost 350 photographic essays for Life magazine between 1943 and 1962. In addition he published numerous books on photographic theory and technique and his photographs were included in the Museum of Modern Art exhibition "The Family of Man."Structures of Naturepresents a selection of...

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  • A drone's eye view: From awe-inspiring waterfalls to astonishing cities, incredible aerial pictures of the worlds greatest sights

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    Beautiful waterfall photos also feature in their collection including Venezuala's Angel Falls and ... 360-degree video displays displays adding to the photo's already awesome nature. There are more than 2,000 photos in the album showing over 200 famous ...

  • Beer with a Painter, LA Edition: Hank Pitcher

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    His subject is the beach, its culture, and its flora and fauna: surfers, surfboards, his friends, his wife, two grown sons, and their friends, beach-volleyball, hotel pools, and nature preserves ... had a reproduction of a beautiful Manet painting, with ...

  • Wyoming Grasslands Photography Exhibit

    08/08/15 ,via Basin Radio Network

    They are sharing their love of this beautiful and vast Wyoming ... Grasslands exhibition tour may be found at Click here to watch an audio slide show on the exhibit. In addition to the photography exhibition, a companion book of the ...

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Stunning Nature Photography Collection 2 (10 Pictures ...

Stunning Nature Photography Collection 2 (10 Pictures) | Most Beautiful Pages | See more about Nature photography, Nature and Trees.

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Guest Shooter - Pania Brown
Guest Shooter - Pania Brown Tonight it's my pleasure to bring to your screen a young photographer who is learning the craft. Pania Brown and I have been corresponding on Facebook for some time concerning photographic techniques. When Pania started her studies for a Diploma of Professional Photography, I suggested that she gather work from her assignments and others from her favourites collection and send them to me for a Guest Shoot. I really enjoy giving people what is sometimes their first exposure on the web. It's our great fortune that I'm not in a writing mood tonight. I'm still digesting the events of the last few days and bracing myself for the Christmas holiday. So, I'll let Pania introduce herself and present her images along with her comments. I'll jump back in at the end. Enjoy! ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` My name is Pania Brown (nee Williams) and I am a proud ex MK (Missionary Kid). It’s been 23 years since I left PNG, but I still call it...
Photo by Boogies with Fish on Flickr
Ickworth Park (NT) 05-09-2004
Ickworth Park (NT) 05-09-2004
The exterior of the Earl-Bishop’s Rotunda was virtually finished when he died in 1803, but the interior was still an empty shell, and the curving corridors and wings only a few feet above ground. It was left to the Earl-Bishop’s son, the future 1st Marquess of Bristol, to make what use he could of his father’s extraordinary plan. Having no need for massive galleries, in 1821 he instructed his architect, John Field, to redesign the East Wing as family living-quarters. Field fitted out the ground floor of the Rotunda as state rooms in an austere Regency style. The West Wing was added purely for symmetry and so was left empty. The Trust is pleased to announce the go-ahead of a package for a project to develop the West Wing to provide new facilities for visitor reception, information, education, shop, restaurant, functions, conferences and events. As the family lived mostly in the East Wing, the rooms that visitors see in the Rotunda spent much of the year under dust sheets, coming...
Photo by Karen Roe on Flickr
Misty fields
Misty fields
Shot early this year in one of the fields in Edenbridge. Please check out my .photography collection | | |
Photo by Kol Tregaskes on Flickr
Stunning Nature Photography Collection,
Stunning Nature Photography Collection,
Image by
Stunning Nature Photography Collection 2 (10 Pictures) | Most ...
Stunning Nature Photography Collection 2 (10 Pictures) | Most ...
... .com/2013/01/stunning-nature-photography-collection_16.html Like
... .com/2013/01/stunning-nature-photography-collection_16.html Like
Image by

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