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Learn the Systems, Tools and Strategies I Used to Build an Email List of Over 10,000 Subscribers

Are you using email marketing to effectively grow your business and increase your sales online?

In Email Marketing Mastery, you'll discover:

How to Build an Email List Even if No One Knows Who You Are

Get complete step-by-step tutorials and instructions from beginning to end, including dozens of free training videos (no opt-in required!) included with Email Marketing Mastery.

This book is perfect for beginners who need to learn the basics of email marketing and get started today, and for experienced and professional email marketers who want to take their knowledge and marketing systems to the next level.

How to Choose the Best Autoresponder for Your Budget

How do you know which autoresponder is the best for you? I've tested dozens of email marketing systems, and in this book I share only the best of the best, with advanced tips and strategies for maximizing your return while minimizing your investment.

How to Increase Your Conversions and Become an Analytics Master

Analytics are the key to any good email marketer's success. Without data, you'll never know whether what you're doing is working as well as it should be or not. Analytics is the key to constantly improving your marketing systems and growing your business. A tiny increase in conversions can supercharge your profits and income when you apply it across an entire email marketing campaign.

How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Marketing and Web design

In the past, if you wanted to create a state-of-the-art online marketing system with email marketing, squeeze pages, analytics, and more, you would have to pay a world-class designer to custom-code every single web page and function. Today, there are free and low-cost options to create every web page and email marketing system you need to succeed. And, best of all, you can do it all yourself with some simple software and a few minutes of work without having to wait for an expensive web designer to finally get things done.

Grab your copy of Email Marketing Mastery to start using this powerful tool to grow your business.

About the Author

Tom Corson-Knowles is a blogger, speaker, marketing consultant, and the international best-selling author of more than 20 books including Destroy Your Distractions, Facebook for Business Owners, and The Kindle Publishing Bible. Tom has founded several successful businesses including TCK Publishing, an independent book publishing company that specializes in digital publishing and online marketing.

Tom has taught thousands of employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers like you how to create the lifestyle of their dreams.

Learn how to use email marketing to skyrocket your sales today. Scroll up and click the buy button now.

Product Description

Claim Your Competitive Edge - Become an Unstoppable Force with Email!

If you’re looking for marketing ideas based on real sales psychology to bring your business or brand to the light, then this is the book for you.

In "Hack E-mail," I share my best strategies for turning your email outreach into a marketing weapon. From my email marketing campaigns I've been able to:

1) Book between 40-50 podcast and radio interviews across the world, promoting my first book ("Buy Your Own Island) to a best-seller
2) Build an extensive network of mentors and affiliate partners
3) Increase my blog traffic by 400% in a one month period (from 4,262 to 16,688)
4) Connect with influential people
5) Pick up new coaching and freelance clients

Email Outreach is Powerful and Effective

Before I began to use these techniques for my own brand, I honed them in campaigns for clients. From fashion companies in Toronto to skin care lines in Malta, business owners have paid me thousands to generate tonnes of leads and users for their business through cold e-mail.

This stuff works.

The best part is, the things I've done with e-mail, anyone can do!

In this book, I lay out everything I've learned, and share my best strategies and most valuable techniques to get a response from someone and finally get the results you seek.

Everything is backed by real sales psychology and persuasion

Among other things, you will learn:*
- How to create positive NLP "anchors" in your e-mails - so that people welcome correspondence from you (pages 26 - 27)
- 7 mistakes of horrible e-mail outreach and how to fix them (page 18)
- How to name drop your way to the top (page 31)
- How to occupy the moral high ground, and enchant people with your story (pages 28 - 30)
- What to do if someone doesn't respond - and get a response 90% of the time
- How to send follow-ups automatically - and "drip feed" your email outreach (page 39)
- How to conduct professional CRM campaigns within Gmail (chapter five)
- The "Hidden in Plain Sight" technique to find the top people in any niche, and discover their address
- Plus other unconventional, but effective email marketing techniques

Plus, in this book I've included more than two dozen apps and powerful resources to make your e-mails more effective, efficient, more personable, and more powerful.

Are you ready to learn some powerful email outreach techniques and become an unstoppable force?

Hope you enjoy the book.

*Note that page numbers are from the PDF edition of the book, and may appear at different locations in your Kindle.

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Internet Marketing Inspiration - Frank Kern, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Will Smith, Les Brown

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Personalized Executive Calendar Mouse Pad - Custom Inspirational Quotation Calendar Mousepad. Our 2017 Calendar Personalized Executive Mouse Pad is the perfect gift for any business executive#44; close friend or family member. Answer emails#44; surf the web amp; update your web site in style using this attractive Personalized Quotation Mouse Pad. Even the most challenging day can be solved after reading the inspiring quotation printed on your mouse pad. .The Personalized Calendar Mouse Pad is a non-slip rubber Mouse Pad measuring 9?" x 7?" and is a? " thick. Includes FREE Personalization Select between 15 unique and inspirational quotations making every day thought provoking and inspiring. Personalize your 2017 Executive Calendar Mouse Pad with any name#44; a custom message line#44; 1 quotation and background color. (ie. Michael Mitchell \ V.P. Of Marketing \ Quotation 11 \ Blue).


illustrated cottage a decorative fairy tale inspired by provence by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

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Absolutely everything you need to know about today's Apple event - Quartz

Thousands of reporters, Apple employees, and spectators crammed into the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in downtown San Francisco today (Sept. 9) for what Apple CEO Tim Cook called a series of “monster announcements. ” Apple definitely had a lot to share, detailing updates to its watches, phones, tablets, and set-top box. Quartz rounded up absolutely everything that happened—and everything you need to know—at today’s big show. iPad Pro Apple introduced a new, 12. 9-inch iPad Pro, which Cook called the “biggest news in iPad, since iPad. The iPad Pro is 6. 9 mm thick and weighs 1. 57 lb—about the same as the original iPad, but with a 78% bigger screen than the tablet first introduced in 2010. The Pro’s screen has 5. 6 million pixels—more than a 15-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina... Apple called executives from Microsoft and Adobe onstage to show how the tablet stands up against tasks often completed on desktops and laptops, such as editing Word documents and PowerPoint slides, or touching up photos in Photoshop. The Pro handled them all, well, like a pro. Smart Keyboard Like a cross between the iPad Smart Cover and a Microsoft Surface keyboard , Apple’s Smart Keyboard snaps magnetically onto the iPad. It uses the same button technology as MacBook keyboards, and will only work with the iPad Pro. No word on whether there will be a non-keyboard version of the cover as well. Apple Pencil stylus To round out the Surface-like experience, Apple announced a pressure-sensitive stylus that can be used along with your fingers on the iPad Pro. The Pencil allows users to draw like a pencil—different levels of pressure will draw lines of different thickness. Pencil will let users mark up emails and notes with drawings, as well as make and edit Microsoft Office documents on the fly. According to the launch video, the Pencil has “a responsiveness like a true drawing instrument. ” The battery apparently lasts for “hours,” and can be charged off the iPad Pro’s lighting bolt port. The Pencil will cost $99 and will be available in November. Next generation Apple TV “We need a new foundation for TV,” Tim Cook said during the event, right before announcing the next generation of Apple TV. The company’s set-top box has been redesigned with a new operating system—tvOS—and a new... Siri makes her TV debut. Siri will search across apps to find you the content you’re after, including iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Showtime. Siri searches deep: You can ask Siri to search for “that Modern Family episode with Edward Norton,” and go right into the episode. Siri can answer questions about what you’re watching (“Who starred in this. New remote. The new touch-sensitive Apple TV remote lets you swipe at different speeds to control the redesigned Apple TV operating system, and happens to double as a video-game controller. Apple Music—including Beats 1—is now on Apple TV and cord-cutting favorites including MLB At Bat, HBO, Hulu, and Netflix have all redesigned their Apple TV apps. Apple is also bringing games to the living room. Disney’s Infinity Star Wars, Activision’s Guitar Hero, and iOS favorite Crossy Road (with a new multiplayer mode) will all soon be available on Apple TV. Users will be able to use the Apple TV remote, or iOS devices, to play together. The remote also has a Nintendo-Wii-like function that recognizes motion, allowing for games like Beat Sports, a new game exclusive to Apple TV, which appears to be a lot the game that originally came bundled with the Wii—Wii Sports. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Cook said the new iPhones “may look similar, but we’ve changed everything. New ways to touch. The new phones, now also available in a rose gold model, have a new version of force-touch sensitivity, not unlike what’s in the Apple Watch. Called 3D Touch, the new “taptic engine” can recognize how hard you touch the screen. Long touches will bring up shortcuts around the iPhone, much like right-clicking does on a computer mouse. Like right-clicking on a phone. 3D Touch will allow for quicker interactions in apps—glancing at. Source:

Latest News

  • Absolutely everything you need to know about today's Apple event

    09/09/15 ,via Quartz

    It's as wide as the height of the iPad Air 2, which marketing head Phil Schiller said was the inspiration for the width of the bigger tablet. Schiller said it has “desktop-class performance,” 10 hours of battery life, . 3D Touch will allow for

  • Email Marketing Through the Seasons

    08/24/15 ,via Business 2 Community

    Getting email marketing right can be easier said than done, particularly when you're struggling for inspiration. These days, customers demand messages that are relevant to them and cater to their needs. Thankfully, finding things to inspire your email 

  • Apple introduces stylus, a device Steve Jobs derided

    09/09/15 ,via Toronto Star

    Long considered a “hobby” product line for Apple, the upgraded Apple TV takes inspiration from its phone products — it comes with Siri voice control, a new remote with touchscreen and motion-control capabilities. The search function looks impressive, 


RT @SocialFactor: .@ToryBurch has #emailmarketing down. Find inspiration for your campaign with these other 16 examples:… 09/10/15, @BeckReit
RT @luxmediacompany: Need some email campaign inspiration? Here's 16 Examples of Awesome Email Marketing Campaigns #hubspot 09/09/15, @EmailMktgAlerts
Need some email campaign inspiration? Here's 16 Examples of Awesome Email Marketing Campaigns #hubspot 09/09/15, @luxmediacompany

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  • The Massive, Secretive Christian Clothing Chain You’ve Never Heard Of

    09/09/15 ,via Racked

    "SERVING as an inspiration, EMPOWERING others ... says Jamey Snyder, Altar'd State's media marketing manager, via email. The new number, not including website donations for August, is $1,389,639. "The volunteer hours are a little harder for us to keep ...

  • Moments that matter along the customer's journey

    09/09/15 ,via Smart Company

    They should focus on designing and building customer experiences that play to how their customers are shopping for their products – not just pointing consumers to purchase if what customers really seek is inspiration ... This email address is being ...

  • Neiman Marcus Expands Its Snap.Find.Shop

    09/08/15 ,via Multichannel Merchant

    It allows shoppers to receive direct or closely matching items from Neiman Marcus’ product offering, which can be purchased easily at the point of inspiration. Gierhart said Neiman Marcus already knows that 70% of its customers do research online before ...

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Email marketing inspiration sub-site launched by MailChimp
Email marketing inspiration sub-site launched by MailChimp
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